Who "We" Are

Satellite Red is a release of saturated harmonic sound reflective of musical influences permanently imprinting our souls with inspiration.

My name is Joseph. You will hear me say “We” when talking about this project.  “We” is God, myself, my wife Mary, and hopefully future musicians of Satellite Red. So “We” seems appropriate. 

We have many musical influences that helped to shape the heavy vibe, clean vocals,  and saturated tone into an alternative post-heavy rock project. We see songs as moments, parables, or times of worship. Some moments are victories, some failures or losses, and some will expose evil or share something holy. Some pieces will glimpse epochs, like our tune Amongst Millions inspired by the creation story in Genesis.

The songs were selected from years of musical ideas or riffs that have been living primarily in my head, stored on a hard drive, in a digital project, or in a rough recording I saved. Few of these songs are completed or finalized. We want to change that with a finished EP.

For now… all the music was/will be performed and recorded at Joseph Mary Music, my home studio in Roseville CA. Though we have attempted to find other musicians, it looks like we will do this alone until other like-minded musicians find us and join the “We” that is Satellite Red.

If this vision rings a bell in your soul and you want to contribute as a musician or producer we can be reached at JosephMary@satred.com.

Thanks for reading,

- Joseph