Satellite Red Lead Guitarist Audition 

Satellite Red Guitarist Audition (Lead & Co-writer) 

Satellite Red Lead Guitarist Audition  

We are looking for a guitarist who can co-write, contribute original material, and interpret current SatRed original material. You are a true lead guitarist with a pro rig and project studio. We would look to you as a core member. We are Christ-followers and hopefully, we can find a like-minded lead guitarist to plug into the lineup of musicians needed. 

We are in Roseville CA but will consider anyone in the neighboring cities of the Sacramento area.  

The Audition  

Really you are auditioning us as much as we are auditioning you. We are intentionally praying for the right guitarist. All we ask is that you listen to the music and if rings a bell… let us know. Who “We” Are

If the project interests you and you fit the role described, then please contact us at  

Thank you for considering us for your next musical project. 

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